Maze-O-Rama 1.2

Find your way out of the maze


  • Features characters from some classic retro games
  • Challenging gameplay


  • Annoying soundtrack
  • You need to start each level again after getting hit

Not bad

A good puzzle game is a great way to while away a few hours, and this maze adventure sees you try to navigate your way around a series of twisting tunnels, collecting diamonds along the way.

Maze-O-Rama is pretty good fun to start with as you roam around dodging Pac-Man ghosts and watching out for characters from other classic games.

The game is let down somewhat by a couple of niggling issues. Firstly, the repetitive MIDI soundtrack that plays incessently through and starts to drive you a little barmy after a while.

Also, the fact that every time you die you need to start the maze again makes it pretty tiresome. Nevertheless, it's enjoyable for an hour or so.

Maze-O-Rama is a fun and exciting maze game where you play as a character that must go through mazes with obstacles and enemies. In addition, there are 34+ levels and there are even Pokemon bosses.



Maze-O-Rama 1.2

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